What Makes April’s Jan Marini Facial So Special?

Makana partners with prestigious skincare companies that have earned the highest respect in the Esthetics Industry through hard work and ethical practices. Jan Marini has been in business since 1994 and I’ve had the pleasure of being trained directly by Jan Marini herself. Back then the line only consisted of the C-ESTA product line with about 5 products. Now it’s amazing to see how much she and her products have evolved. Jan Marini has an application process just to qualify to use and sell their products. Having Makana be approached and approved by Jan Marini was such an honor for us as an Academy.

Makana is offering our clients the “Jan Marini Pore Cleansing Facial with High Frequency Treatment” for only $40.00 throughout the month of April.
Retail cost runs anywhere from a low $80 – $200 with High Frequency.

Who should book this facial? Anyone who would like to improve volume, reduce fine lines, refine skin texture, and address acne breakouts.

We’re using two extremely effective enzyme products that work in synergy with each other. The Clean Zyme starts to break away the dead skin cells, begin the enzymatic resurfacing process and prepare the skin for the Skin Zyme Mask. The Skin Zyme Mask quickly reacts and pulls all the impurities out of the pores, softens the sebum for extractions, and resurfaces the skin without any irritation. This Jan Marini treatment, paired with the High Frequency treatment, makes our April special a dream come true for our clients. The High Frequency also aids in reducing bacteria on the skin, helps to promote skin healing, reduces redness, reduces fine lines, and has also been shown to help with cell renewal.