About our Principle & Values Capturing the unique cultural blend of Hawaii

COMTA curriculumOur handpicked esthetic instructors provide students with a superior education. Our team of highly skilled teachers have a passion and love for sharing their experience. This commitment to our students sets Makana Academy apart from other institutions.

We pledge to: 

  • Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.
  • Encourage and motivate students to reach their personal potential.
  • Set the example for superior customer service and professional image.
  • Guide and nurture the students throughout their educational experience.
Makana's Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Educate, Enable, and Empower all Students to become Contributing Citizens, by providing a Relevant and Superior Education, in an Environment that is Fostered with Integrity, Professionalism, and Respect.

Makana Academy's History & Founder

maliaMalia Sanchez was born and raised on the Island of Kauai in a home rooted in traditional Hawaiian values, where the concepts of ohana and respect were always present.  As the daughter and niece of a cosmetologist and hairstylist, Malia was practically raised in the industry as she cultivated her skills in her aunt’s salon.  It was here that she learned that in order to nurture your clients, you first had to be “Pono” and nurture yourself.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Oahu, and earned her Cosmetology License in 1993, where she began her career as a cosmetologist, and eventually specialized in the field of esthetics.  She worked for several years at spas in the visitor industry where she observed a disconnect between the spas and the visitors that they were serving.  While the quality of the product was present, it was apparent that the nurturing environment that was so important to her, was absent.  As she moved on as a trainer for various skin and cosmetics accounts, that thought stayed with her, and she found her passion in not only teaching and training, but in doing so with the values that shaped her as a youth.

Thus, in 2007, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy was born.  Like the lotus flower emerging from a murky pond, Makana surfaced to humble beginnings in a renovated warehouse loft in the heart of Kakaako, where the rough exterior hid the gem of what was to be found inside. What started as a small operation built by family and friends, soon blossomed into a fulltime venture.  Supported by a team of talented instructors, Makana soon developed a reputation of fostering quality students.

In 2015, an opportunity arose to move the school to our present location to better serve our students and clients.  Our new location was purposely designed and built to provide an effective and efficient learning environment.  While the location has changed, the spirit and core values that have guided our Academy have not.  We continue to not only provide a quality education to our students, but to develop the student as a whole.  We at Makana are proud of the "gift" that we contribute to our industry by adhering to an excellence in teaching and guidance, and promoting a stable environment for learning and the advancement in esthetics.

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