Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials Gives amazing skin results in one service

Intraceuticals is a professional market skincare brand available to Medical offices, professional skin care clinics and High End 5-star Resort and Spa globally. A Leading University in Australia developed a serum that when used in conjunction with oxygen immediately plumps and hydrates the surface of the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates the surface of the skin. Victoria Secrets runway shows and Madonna has been open and actively speaking about their love for Intraceuticals facials treatments. Every celebrity that speaks about their love for intraceuticals does so because they love the results they get from the service. The Intraceutical Oxygen Treatment can be found in most 5 stars Hotels and Resort Spa’s, with the services ranging anywhere from $180.00- $250.00 a treatment.

Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy is a training center for Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment services, Makana also lends out their oxygen Machine to movie sets, the most recent movie our oxygen machine was used for, was for Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s movie Snatched!

Before deciding to add Intraceutical to our Academy and teaching our students on its protocols, all instructors were required to take part in an intense training. Training is always a great way to stay current with the latest technologies within the Esthetics industry. Now with all our research and amazing training our Makana Student can offer our clients within our Student Operating Spa the chance to receive a 5 Star treatment at a reduced cost. Please check out our Makana Spa menu.

I would like to share and amazing resources that will explain the Intraceuticals treatment to you. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Mahalo and many blessing to you.

Warmest Aloha, Malia Sanchez