Brides guide to preparing her skin for her special day!

Let’s start with the whole package. Prepping yourself for your wedding day should start the day you get engaged! Food choices play a great role in this entire journey. If you have a gym membership seek the advice of a gym trainer and commit to a workout package that includes a nutrition plan. If you don’t have a gym membership, please shop around for a gym that will be convenient for you and most importantly a place you feel comfortable at. The reason I emphasize joining a gym is because working out will increase your energy and help to reduce the stress you’ll be under while planning your wedding.

As a Professional Skin Care Therapist having a client that workouts and eats well makes our job a lot easier. Working out will help to increase blood circulation and oxygen to the skin, flushes out toxins faster and brings a natural glow to the skin. Always remember water is your best friend, hydration, hydration, hydration, carry your water with you everywhere you go. Now, most importantly your Professional Esthetician will become your best friend and advocate for helping to create your wedding day fabulous look. Your Esthetician will help to identify your skin’s needs and addresses your skin concerns as well. Addressing hyperpigmentation, dehydration or adult acne takes time and commitment to receiving numerous treatments. If your Esthetician or Spa offers a variety of package deals please take advantage of the deals, in the long run you’ll save money and it will keep you committed to a schedule. Research facials that will help to exfoliate and brighten your skin such as enzyme facials, glycolic facials and Microdermabrasion Treatments, a great add and compliment to those treatments are to add a package of Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials to give your skin direct and instant hydration.

Body treatments are equally important and often forgotten about until the day the bride puts on her backless wedding dress. Book yourself monthly body scrubs or back facials to exfoliate your body and even out your tone. A few months prior to your wedding seek out a reputable spray tanning salon, I suggest you slowly layer your tan to find the right tint that compliments your dress and your complexion. Teeth whitening maybe something to think about, if anything it defiantly compliments wedding photos. All body hair needs to be removed ASAP, there’s waxing, sugaring and laser hair removal you can choose from, consult your Esthetician on this choice as well. Since we’re going all out here let’s talk about medical esthetic procedures that can be an instant miracle worker for Estheticians and their clients. When dealing with stubborn forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, etc.…we just as well start researching dermal fillers and Botox. I highly recommend booking several consultations, asking to see pictures of clients before and after as well as asking around for a recommendation before committing yourself. The procedure can be a one-time thing just for your special day. All in all these are all recommendations to completely prepare yourself for your wedding day and hopefully, help to give you some guidance. The most important message I would like to leave you with is, “Love yourself and allow yourself to feel and enjoy each moment during the process”

Warmest Aloha,
Malia Sanchez- Licensed Beauty Professional and Owner of Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy and Spa